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Ready for a green future? Turns out, most of us are. It’s time we show our numbers!

Research says that the overwhelming majority of us know climate change is real.
Problem is, many among us still think we are in the minority.

We need to change this and show how many of us are taking action to protect the environment!

While climate marches have the power of showing our true numbers, it is not always possible for everyone to join. This is why our campaign lets you show your support online.

The more of us are visible, the more people will join, the bigger our impact will be. Join us during this year’s World Environment Day (or later on) as we show how many of us care about the environment and are doing their part to protect it!

Follow three simple steps and share your green action! Spread the good news among your friends: the more the merrier and #TheMoreTheGreener

Think of something you do or want to do for the environment and your reason for doing it. You can find examples below!

Take a picture of your green action!

Post it on social media with the hashtag #TheMoreTheGreener and tag 3 friends!

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